Abu Dhabi Cricket Council is one of the constituents of its parent body of Emirate Cricket Board is engaged in different activities relating to the conduct and promotion in the game of cricket in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi Cricket Council (ADCC) came in to existence on regular basis in 1989. Since the inception of ADCC till now we have 63 registered Teams /Clubs and upto 800 hundred players as well. We are pleased to advice that 3 to 4 "B & A division" Tournaments, one 40 over invitation tournament are held every year which are sponsored by prestigious organizations and participated 35 to 40 clubs. In addition, 7-A-side and night affairs tournament are also staged. Season starts in the middle of September and goes upto last Friday of May.


  1. A division ( 50-overs ) sponsored by New Medical Center.
  2. B division ( 25-overs ) sponsored by New Abu Dhabi Duty Free.
  3. B division ( 25-overs ) sponsored by Inter-Continental Hotel, Abu Dhabi.
  4. B division ( 25-overs ) sponsored by Abu Dhabi Cricket Council.
  5. 40 over open Invitation, Sponsored by Khaleej Times, Dubai.

The primary function of ADCC is to promote the gentlemanly sport of Cricket in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and to place Abu Dhabi on the the international cricketing map. In this regard, H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nayhan, the presidenmt of UAE, has in all His graciousness allotted a tract of land at Umm Al Nar(adjacent to Golf Course).

For a cricket Complex .ADCC has embarked on the development and construction of a Cricket Stadium with seating for 20.000 spectators . Adjoining the Cricket Stadium will be modern, state-of-art club with various sports facilities.

The Board of Abu Dhabi Cricket Council has finalized the structural plans of stadium and hopefully would be completed in September ,2001 which would have five-star club facilities in adjacent structure . The Government of Abu Dhabi has already sanctioned a substantial amount covering full cost for the construction of cricket complex.

The entire stadium would have true comfor/functionality for players, officials, Press Media and spectators . As for infraucture in the city of Abu Dhabi is concerned, it has some of the best hotel properties internationally , the latest and most efficient telecommunication systems. Most modern road and related facilities.


Abu Dhabi Cricket Council operates in Abu Dhabi.

P.O.BOX : 31523, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
TEL. NO. : 02-6459790 
FAX : 02-6459791

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